US Census, U-Haul Trucks Signal American Migration

Tomorrow’s news will bring the newest official population tallies from the US Census Bureau. We’ll learn the most and least populous states, and where most of us have moved to and from since 2000. Learn more at the census bureau’s nifty interactive graphic here

The first use of this data? Political apportionment, ensuring equal representation for all citizens in the House of Representatives. What’s your guess on which states will gain and which will lose house seats?

Nifty Map shows that the 2000 Census yielded a 66% population growth in Nevada, brought on by industrial growth, desirable business tax policy, and very cheap housing in greater Las Vegas. Let’s check Tuesday’s numbers to see if The Silver State still carries #1. I’m going to bet on Texas this time around…

Census counts aside, I’ve always heard that one anecdotal way to estimate interstate migration rates is to check truck availability at your local U-Haul agent. Plenty on the lot? Lots of folks have recently rolled into town and set up housekeeping. Short supply? If so, you might have noticed less rush hour traffic recently. The Las Vegas Sun referred to the U-Haul metric in a recent online post.

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