Commerce’s EDA Grants & Awards Boost Global Exports

The Economic Development Administration (EDA), an arm of the US Department of Commerce, is accepting applications for its 2010 Innovation in Economic Development Awards to spotlight projects of national significance that advance innovation, boost competitiveness and create jobs.

Among the four categories, of special interest is one for Innovation in Global Export Promotion, in which the winning entry successfully promotes American goods overseas and manufacturing revitalization, bolstering competitiveness abroad and creating higher-skill, higher-wage jobs.

If you think your organization has a winning solution that brings success in exporting within your circle of influence , then hurry up and apply … deadlines for the Innovation award are due on 27 August. Download the program brochure here. The award goes to any non-profit institution; local, state, or regional government; and college or university. For-profits and individuals are not eligible.

The EDA also supports a national network of 11 Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers. I met with the head of my region’s TAAC office recently, and he told me how non-profit community institutions such as economic development councils can be eligible for grants to help businesses form global competitiveness strategies that will retain and create jobs.

Hanson Marketing, as a registered contractor for the U.S. Federal Government, assists non-profits and businesses with forming successful export activities (i.e., export fundamentals workshops). Contact me ( to learn how EDA grants can strengthen your community and add quality jobs.

With practical, relevant assistance to US businesses, and to the organizations that nurture their growth, the US Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) has the right combination of timing and tools to contribute to our nation’s successful export expansion.

Commerce Department’s EDA Grants Help Exporters Rebuild, Retool

An announcement by the Department of Commerce on June 18th detailed the release of eight grants for the Gulf region totaling $10.27 million – most for economic development planning and coastal management – to be disbursed by the Commerce Department, including its Economic Development Administration (EDA) group. EDA’s portion to be disbursed totals about $1.8 million, and will aid economic development agencies in the region to provide capital support to small businesses recover and rebuild.

A longstanding DOC program, EDA is active in communities throughout the nation, consistently providing paths to success in global trade for companies within regions that are deemed to be economically disadvantaged as a result of international competition or unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters. The typical route to companies in need is via area economic development councils.

EDA’s different investment programs include Public Works and Economic Development, Economic Adjustment Assistance, Research and National Technical Assistance, Local Technical Assistance, Planning Program, University Center Economic Development, and Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms. There’s a great blog at the Department of Commerce site, with a news-feed format that will illustrate how busy the program is. Read here.

If you administer an economic development corporation or economic trade zone, or if you’re a business with proof of disadvantage due to international competitive pressures, learn how the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) might help level the playing field.

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