Solar Powered LEDs Light Up Ghana

Another great example of public-private partnerships to build a better world: an innovative research center at University of California Santa Barbara is teamed with Engineers without Borders and Ghana Telecom University to create and distribute solar-powered LED lights to households in emerging nations such as Ghana, Haiti and Kenya.

Reading Lights Advance Education, WorldwideThe spring issue of UC Santa Barbara Today reports that the partnership’s intent is to replace kerosene as a power source for lighting in homes, with LEDs that operate at 8 times more efficiency than incandescent bulbs. The device developed at UCSB yields one hour of lighting from two hours of daylight.

A Santa Barbara-based nonprofit called Unite to Light is taking on the ambitious goal to ship 100,000 lamps to hard-working households in a total of seven countries.

Read more here: Engineers Without Borders. Unite to Light. And UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency.

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