Industrial Design Awards That Win Market Share

Extraordinary industrial design for ordinary products: it’s what propels manufacturers toward world domination of their market sectors. When I worked on the team that launched a wearable, stylish, durable Bluetooth headset for mobile phone users into the consumer electronics retail market, we paid close attention to the upfront industrial design cycle.

Award-winning, Innovative Product Design Wins Shelf Space

Validation for our marketing and sales team was the product’s sell-through rate by every leading wireless carrier in the US and Europe, not to mention the shelf space we won at the best electronics retailers in every market. It’s a sweet feeling to spot your product tucked around ears in a crowd, and know your hard work paid off.

Before that, though, the team was especially proud about winning a reddot design award. Herewith, find more recent award-winning products that turn ordinary tasks into the sublime (thanks to iF Design).

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