Sports Marketing: Shiny & Loud, Please.

The success of any Olympic Games is said to be inversely related to the popularity of its official mascot (“awesome games, but what’s with the scary plush toys?). Hence, we can expect London’s 2012 Games to be a rollicking success. Get ready for…

Wenlock & Mandeville: London '12 Calling

A recent article in “Fast Company” takes an entertaining look at hits and head-scratchers.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola’s taken on its largest-ever global campaign around World Cup. Vuvuzelas, the noisy plastic horns that join to sound like a swarm of Killer Bees, feature prominently, along with a peace sign and a Rolling Stones-ish, Peter Max-ish mouth. Better yet, the map of Africa which accompanies the exploding burst of football elements, can be tailored to each participating nations’ colors… an over-arching identity that allows for a national twist, via Coke’s own Design Machine, a software program that allows for local tweaking of a global program.

Clash of visual flavors, yet oddly satisfying: like Coca-Cola...

Consistency, efficiency, brand integrity, impact – nicely done, Coke. Read more at Fast Company.

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