DIY Renewable Energy: At Home & On the Go

“Renewable energy is geared toward community development.” Architect Porfirio Sanchez runs a program in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico that combines abundant wind and sunshine to create a substitute for network electricity for rural families who are, and will remain, off the grid. His center for sustainable development gives away kits of windmills, solar panels and dynamos, allowing them to build and maintain their own electrical plant.

Until the state and federal governments develop the means and system for connecting the entire nation to the power grid, such DIY power plants as those developed by Sanchez’ program not only save families money on candles and batteries, it allows productivity and comfort. “Now, we can see at night”, says one resident, “and my kids can do homework.” View an excellent video, courtesy of; and click through to learn more about the program that’s sponsored in part by Shell Oil.

Solio™, part of the ECOMobility™ product movement

Mobile entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts alike can harness the sun to power their phone and computing devices, as well. Just as a DIY power plant brings productivity and comfort to home and property, devices such as the Solio allow people to stay connected and in business, wherever they go.

Solio’s website informs and inspires with case studies of how an affordable source of power “empowers” entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike to take their power wherever they go.

Learn more about DIY alternative energy at Build-It-Solar.

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