World Cup: Thrills and Heartbreak… and Mystery

Can You Spot North Korea's Fan?

Thrills: The news from every country about upcoming World Cup competition is the best way to appreciate the drama, pride and oddities of each team and their fan base. It’s not often that we, as a global village, get to mix it up in a shared world event. I read the news from Global Post, an online source with daily contributions from more than 65 correspondents in nearly 50 countries, on all topics that matter to our Global Village. Like Soccer/Football!

Heartbreak: Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba broke his arm this week in a friendly vs. Japan. Can the 32-year-old Chelsea striker get patched and sewn up quickly enough? He was whisked from the pitch directly to Sweden, where, we hope, medical miracles will happen in time.

Mystery: The global hype machine has overlooked one country, it appears. Where is the Coca-Cola merchandising deal for North Korea? News out of Pyongyang indicates the North Korean National Team is importing a “fans volunteer army” to cheer them on, comprised of Chinese entertainers. And, nobody knows if they’ve lined up an official jersey yet. Will they hit the pitch wearing tie-dyed Tees, stenciled with a sanctioned image of Dear Leader?

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