Gee Whiz Jobs: Antenna Balls

June 15 is National Smile Power Day. Flash your grills and spread happiness all around you! And while you’re at it, make sure your car antenna is decked out with the iconic Happy Ball, the smilin’ orb that became a pop icon in the 1970s and lives on via Instant Messenger emoticons.

Where, you may ask, can you buy your own gleeful orbs? Enter, whose Antenna Ball Superstore has churned out 40 million car antenna toppers since starting up nearly 10 years ago. Company spokesman “Super Ball Happy Guy” also suggests a new line of sports- and hobby-themed antenna bling.

2b_2My parents used to gas up at the Union 76 service station, whose manager kept our car antennas decked out in flaming-hot orange ’76’ balls. They, along with atomic day-glo souvenir bumper stickers from Sea Lion Caves and Trees of Mystery, were Oregon’s unique version of “Daytime Running Lights”. I think the department of motor vehicles’ driver manual specified placement of both, for added visibility during inclement weather. I missed that question on my driving test… 🙂

Commitment, ambition, hard work, and timing has paid off for the proud owners of, who know that we all just want to add a little something to our cars, to make them stand out in the crowd. The world’s a better place when you roll with Happy Balls. Indeed.

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