“Social Media Means Business”

As an authority on automating successful selling, salesforce.com can’t be beat. They’re also at the center of the brainstorm on how well social media really contributes to successful sales and customer service. salesforce.com vp Peter Coffee spoke at last week’s Ingram Micro Summit. A couple of thought-provoking ideas from Coffee that bode well for every business, from sole proprietor to Fortune 100:

Selling Tools Unite to Form One Social Body

  1. “Social Media Means Business”, cited Dell’s 22,000+ social media interactions daily
  2. “Moving Toward Zero, One and Infinity”, customers marching toward:

    • Zero on-premise infrastructure with zero acquisition cost, zero adoption cost and zero support cost
    • One coherent environment rather than software stack
    • Infinite scalability.

salesforce.com’s position is especially valuable, given their commitment to partnerships with ISVs, who develop social media-centric tools; and to MSPs, whose toolkits help realize the 2 ideas above.

btw, I’m working in an office where Facebook access is blocked (really not a bad idea).  As a consumer products manufacturer, we actively use social media, so we have to step out back and fire up our smartphones to see how they’re performing … joining the fraternity of smokers. WiFi and ashtray, one convenient location!

(Thanks to Joe Panettieri at TalkinCloud, whose blog post covered Peter’s talk. Image courtesy salesforce.com)

MSP and VAR Channels Seek Slice of the Cloud

This month, MSP and VAR channel experts are tuning in to news and events from Microsoft and Ingram Micro, as both define latest Cloud solutions and the roles their trusted partners will play in deploying each.

Microsoft’s running an online ad campaign titled Cloudcycle: A Hybrid Model, illustrating with vivid clarity the features and benefits and key concepts of cloud solutions.  They’re readying for a 28 June Cloud Suite launch, and a worldwide partner conference next month in Los Angeles.

Ingram Micro just wrapped up a partner summit in Phoenix, wherein they presented tools and programs to MSP and VAR partners.

The questions for MSPs and VARs for both companies surround how much freedom they will have in packaging and billing these partners’ strong new programs, and how much of the profits they can claim vs. share. Even though channel partnerships are now the largest revenue growth source for technology providers, when it comes to sharing the Cloud isn’t always Open Skies.

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