Shredding and Recycling Services: Jobs, Funds, Growth

Driving behind a truck during this morning’s commute, I learned about how a charitable organization can raise funds to further their mission, by competing on the open market for business services contracts.

The truck was from Goodwill Industries of San Diego, and on its rear panel was painted an impressive list of services, above and beyond what you might expect from them. What caught my eye was: document destruction.

San Diego’s Goodwill has hit upon a way to raise funds and build up the local job market, by providing valuable services to area businesses with its document destruction and recycling services.

Goodwill has several competitive advantages in becoming a trusted local services partner: a motivated, dependable, local workforce; functional operations centers for processing, sorting and warehousing; and a reliable transport fleet. Goodwill’s recycling services extend into electronics and even prescription bottles.

Goodwill San Diego Wins Business, Fulfills Mission

Learn more at Goodwill Industries of San Diego’s website.

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