Most Successful Imports to China? Finished Goods

Most successful, yes … but certainly harder to attain, as a great deal of imports to the country are raw materials or components. A notably successful import strategy to China includes finished consumer packaged goods, specialty/gourmet foods, household wares and — here’s a long shot — apparel. Or, value-add goods such as specialty components for the automotive, maritime, or heavy equipment manufacturing sectors.

Systems and process control hardware and software, and the professional services they require, are also primo targets for companies around the world that wish to open up new markets in China. Same goes for pharmaceuticals, construction equipment, mass transit systems, civil engineering, architectural and urban planning services, agricultural goods and processing equipment, IT services.

Whether for an industrial product or service, or a popular consumer item, the rules of brand management apply: Brand equity must convey a “made only here” image that captures the attention of customers and consumers in China who value quality and durability.

Infrastructure Links Products to Markets Worldwide

KPMG’s Infrastructure Advisory Team has published its “Top 100” compiling infrastructure projects from around the globe.

International channel pros and marketing experts ought to care a lot about the quality of roads, canals, bridges and power transmission systems. It’s inspiration and creativity, on a mammoth scale. Like Hanson Marketing, infrastructure Links Products to Markets Worldwide. Read about the tidal power project in Korea, Brazil’s high-speed rail link, waste management in the UK, and more. It all matters.

Here’s a link to this excellent publication, via KPMG’s global site.

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