Retailers of All Sizes Win Global Shoppers

Hanson Marketing recently structured an online retail strategy with global reach for a retailer of natural personal care and gourmet food goods. No matter the size or current reach, any retailer with the right mix of unique solutions and compelling story can go global.

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) states that “Domestic-only retailers and online pure-plays are using e-commerce to achieve global reach without opening stores by enabling cross-border trade (CBT) from an existing website (e.g., Saks Fifth Avenue) or by building complete, local e-commerce operations (e.g., Amazon).”

Think about what this means, particularly for local, one-shop bricks and mortar retailers and for those operating purely online: the global retail market isn’t just for the big boxes!  If you believe that the products you offer are unique and that your store is the best source for them — after all, this is what you tell your customers everyday, right? — then you’ve got a foundation for going global.

Contact Tom for a detailed case study on how Hanson Marketing formed a global retail strategy with proven growth results.

Is Your City in the Global Top 10?

Looking at the top five criteria in the poll, I know mine isn’t. Sheer size, flow of goods and capital, human and monetary; and political-policy influence… all roll up into a global capital of commerce.

So, world traveler/jet-setter business titan: take a guess, then look at the results, posted at Bloomberg-Business Week as compiled by global management consultancy A.T. Kearney, to see how well you know global commerce hot spots.

Hanson Marketing Capabilities Presentation

Hanson Marketing Global Sales Channels Drive Export Success

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