Hello world!

My name is Tom Hanson.  I make a living in marketing by linking products to markets worldwide. My bag of tricks is hefty: I have worked in a host of industries, promoting products to help people live and work smarter. My hope is that this blog will spark some ideas for you, allowing you to see your work from a new angle. It’s my aim to convey how amazing I find the world of international commerce to be.

Why marketing? Well, I inherited a mish-mash of family genes for creative writing, avid reading, wanderlust, wry humor, silent observation, and, well, for yakking with anyone who fogs a mirror. Along the way, I became fluent in Spanish and hijacked a workable French and a smattering of Japanese. All this jived, and into the work world stepped a fellow who likes to communicate and gets paid to do it.

I started out carrying a sales quota and a bag, pitching and wooing my way deep into a territory known ominously as ROW (Rest Of World, i.e., “them”). I learned how building channels and alliances that put feet on far-away streets would help me make my numbers, easing my bosses’ angst over those always-suspect expense reports. I soon realized that when it comes to marketing strategies, one size does NOT fit all. So, sure enough, I joined the thundering herds of marketers, striving to ensure that my sales colleagues would carry timely, focused, and practical selling tools in their own bags, always suitable for local consumption.

In the ensuing years, I’ve worn holes in my soles and stamps in my passport, and gained valuable insight into what works in the world of international marketing. I invite you to read my blog — peek into my bag of tricks, listen to some stories, and get my views on what’s happening in the market that moves customers and makes them take notice.

I don’t think any of our childhood dreams involved growing up to become a bleary-eyed wage mule, so I hope to have some fun along the way as I cover a variety of topics related to where I work and what I do. All work and no play makes for a deadly boring blog.


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