It’s World Trade Week, Utah!

David Neeleman, founder of Azul Airlines (and JetBlue) will be speaking at Salt Lake City’s big, World Trade Month event next week. Learn more and register here:

It’s World Trade Week, Oregon!

Hear from export experts, at events being throughout the state, to learn how to export your products and services to create jobs and diversify revenue! Learn more at Portland US Export Assistance Center’s website:

“Ebay For Science” Transforms Business Of Research

Matching scientist providers and facilities with the next great product idea. Reduce costs to market entry and gain assurance that the facility is compliant with complex scientific R and D regulations, and that service providers are qualified and responsive.

Great concept that reminds me of renting industrial kitchens to birth great new food products.

An “Ebay For Science” Promises To Transform The Business Of Research | Fast Company.

Tcho Tcho’s Digital Mobile Wallets Boost Haiti’s Economy | Fast Company

This blog has focused on mobile banking and transactions in previous posts.  Now, a novel new application that illustrates how a ravaged land and its flailing economy can empower citizens using the lowest common denominator of personal communication: the mobile phone. This is why we should all watch the mobile telephony sector for innovations, and follow where they go with their own foundations and their investment choices.

Read more at the always-excellent Fast CompanyTcho Tcho’s Digital Mobile Wallets Are Boosting Haiti’s Economy | Fast Company.

Cybersecurity: Next Challenge For Electric Cars

Car Jack-Jacking: Cybersecurity Is The Next Challenge For Electric Vehicles | Fast Company.

Wow, glad the author wrote about this key security issue for new electric car industry. As with any electronically controlled device, consider the implications to car owner and the power grid provider of cyber car jacking.  Sets up security issues that extend beyond the simple, personal transaction of juicing up the tank.

While these new cars are capturing the imagination of drivers, many are wary about the reliability of an electric car (will I be stranded roadside, waving a plug and begging for a mobile charge?), while mulling over costs vs. benefits (how high will my household electricity bill rise?). Now, along comes this elephant in the room. A sure challenge for electric car brand marketeers.

Big, smart providers such as RSA and Cisco have already jumped into the electric vehicle field with new products. Will keep an eye on this new tech movement.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Issues 8 Millionth Patent

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issues its 8 Millionth Patent | Department of Commerce.

How cool. See also that it took 75 years for the USPTO to issue its one millionth patent, in 1911; yet just six years to go from number 7 million to today’s milestone.

A shout out to the company who earned this esteemed milestone number: a California company named Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.

US innovation is top dog, and attracts the world’s smartest sorts to our shores.

Gee Whiz Job: Google Voice Hunter

On a quest for 300 languages, this lucky technologist travels the globe collecting spoken language by local natives.

Linne Ha taps local Google users around the world and hands out Android smartphones loaded with a specially designed speech-gathering app. Local Google users share them with members of their communities, family and friends to amass a collection of recorded conversations.

More: Meet Google’s Voice Hunter On A Quest For 300 Languages | Fast Company.

Chinese chopsticks … Made In Georgia!

The state of Georgia’s bountiful forests of soft wood trees contain yield raw materials that one entrepreneur is using to tilt the trade deficit to our advantage.

I doubt that whittling disposable chopsticks is the best use of these natural resources, since synthetic alternatives abound. But give credit to this company and its community for building jobs, fulfilling a global demand for basic products, and adding to the local tax rolls. Everything grows fast in those hot Georgia summers, even exports!

Read more: Chinese chopsticks — Made In Georgia! |

Gaming for Fitness: Products Span Retailer Aisles

The latest issue of Vision, the Consumer Electronics Assocation’s excellent trade publication features Gaming for Health.  The video gaming industry is feeding new technology and ergonomic interfaces to keep people of all ages fit, alert, and helping them to recover and rehabilitate.

“Exergaming” extends into all age groups and global selling regions. Foundations and university research sites also advance the use of exergames to help better understand health risks and behaviors.

At VQ ActionCare, we’re expanding our retail channel partnerships for sales of a low-impact, seated exercise and rehabilitation system called the Resistance Chair.  While clearly low-tech in form and function, thousands of Resistance Chair users plug into instructional DVDs that allow people stay at home and keep fit. We’re studying our customer’s useage habits and deciding what the next generation of this product will be. It will likely contain more digital intelligence, and link to online fitness and training aids.

Established sporting goods and big box retailers are re-thinking their product lineups, to serve their loyal, aging shoppers. Will be interesting to see how category buyers cross over from the electronics aisle to the fitness corner, when promoting and displaying exergaming and other smart exercise systems.

Read more.

SBA Pilots Trade and Export Promotion Program

The US Small Business Administration announces its State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) pilot grant initiative, a multi-year, $90 million program to assist qualifying small business expand through exports.

Here’s a chance for US businesses who see potential growth overseas, but may lack short-term operating funds to reach the next level of their company’s growth strategy.

Companies can work through their local offices for SBA, Department of Commerce, or other administrative contacts. (In California, the grant is administered via the statewide network of Centers for International Trade, hosted by area community colleges)

Check the program out at at SBA’s website here.

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