AARP National Convention’s Lifestyle Expo

I’m working at the annual AARP Life@50+ national convention in Los Angeles, promoting exercise and rehabilitation systems from sibling companies VQ ActionCare and VQ OrthoCare. Because nothing says “over 50” like bum knees and lack of exercise, our products BioniCare and Resistance Chair are right at home here!

Here are my thoughts on reaching this audience:

  1. Life@50+ is a lifestyle expo.It’s unlike any other trade show I’ve sponsored because these 25,000 attendees are linked solely by their era of birth. Unlike trade shows or other consumer-focused shows that lure experts and enthusiasts in a particular category, the aisles and pavilions of Life@50+ are an A-to-Z trip through life as an older American in 2011: finances, food, leisure, communication, and health. Hence, the exhibits list reads like the Yellow Pages instead of a trade association roster.
  2. Main Street USA. Strolling the aisles is also like a shopping trip down a traditional Main Street: travel agents, medical dispensers, clothiers, Realtors. As in medieval days when merchants posted garish, graphical signs to inform and lure shoppers, we Life@50 exhibitors must show and tell our brands’ value propositions in concise, visually arresting terms. Here, it’s especially challenging to win new customers and sell them on the spot, but really rewarding when it does happen!

Life@50+ rolls through Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with a most improbable, yet purely LA mash-up of celebrities including Spike Lee, Tim Gunn and Carol Burnett.

Disruptive Trends Thrive in Hyper-Local Markets

Consider the term “hyper-local”.  In the context of this post, it describes products and services that you buy and sell from providers within close physical proximity to where you sleep and work (not to say you’re dozing at your desk…)  What product and service trait makes it the magnetic, most favored choice?

Density.  Product owners choose a few key locations wherein their target customer abounds, and blanket it, making the product’s around the corner, steady-eddy availability a blockade against competitive products. Like a magnet drawing customers, every time.

Read more at Fast Company. This great quote from the article, about one of my favorite disruptive trends, Zipcar, sums it up: “…what catalyzes [customer’s] decision to go with Zipcar is often the discovery that a car is available five minutes from home rather than 10. That trigger unlocks the magnetic properties of Zipcar.”

Emotional Design: Achieving Marketplace Differentiation

Intriguing title for a provocative concept in product roadmap leadership. TechAmerica San Diego’s Strategy, Innovation & Development Roundtable is covering the topic as part of its 2011 Competitive Edge Series. Learn more about it at this month’s event

Mexico’s Aerospace Summit

The state of Chihuahua hosts aerospace professionals this October. Steadily growing in the face of economic disarray felt by EU and US customers and despite Mexico’s border security hazards, the country’s aerospace industry sector continues to impress.

This event is one example of how the Made in Mexico tag is gaining altitude in one of the world’s highest-value industries: aerospace technology. Chihuahua state offers customers worldwide an impressive expanding value chain, skilled professional and manufacturing talent,  and friendly airspace.

Read more at event website: Mexico’s Aerospace Summit | Chihuahua City, Mexico | October 18-20, 2011.

Your Next Client Is Waiting for You… Overseas.

Where will your next International Client come from? Watch the tech startups from India, Brazil and Europe. They’re knocking on the US market door, and will need expertise in alliance and affiliate marketing and strategic partnerships, for domestic and global market expansion.
Read more at Reuters:

“Ebay For Science” Transforms Business Of Research

Matching scientist providers and facilities with the next great product idea. Reduce costs to market entry and gain assurance that the facility is compliant with complex scientific R and D regulations, and that service providers are qualified and responsive.

Great concept that reminds me of renting industrial kitchens to birth great new food products.

An “Ebay For Science” Promises To Transform The Business Of Research | Fast Company.

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