Software Development in China

I read a news release from a software developer today, announcing its relocation of global HQ from Australia to Shanghai. If it’s true that China is not typically viewed as a design innovation center, then what would motivate a company to move its core business functions there?

Try this right now: run a Google query on Software Development in China. See what the top three sponsor link results are.  Mine were:  “Outsourcing China”, “Call Toll Free for Custom Quote”, and “$10 an Hour Easy Outsourcing”.

How does a globally recognized, publicly traded software develop convey its value proposition when it decides to relocate to China?  Seems the company has its eyes on a distant prize, and will probably realize very efficient operating savings… enough to forsake its reputation as one of Australia’s premier technology companies. But what about inferred or implicit product traits: will a Made in China tag be a burden or a compelling brand attribute in the future software world?

Tell me what you think.

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