SaaS Market Expansion Strategies: Part1

Hanson Marketing is engaged by a provider of Cloud Computing, SaaS-based software solutions. The company has gained an outstanding client list and its owners have serious industry pedigrees. Facing a leveling off of sales revenue, they approached Hanson Marketing to guide them toward emerging, high-growth market sectors; and to position the company’s leaders as industry experts in such vital topics as Data Privacy and Data Governance. And that’s just Phase One!

After assessing the company’s message — its media outreach, product positioning, social image and selling cycle — Hanson Marketing evaluated a short list of industry sectors, international expansion markets, and then recommended target list.

Once we’ve honed the company’s image — building expert-level credentials for its leadership in the vital areas of data privacy and data governance, refreshing its spoken, written and Web messaging — we will hit the airwaves and the road to meet influencers in each of the new market sectors. To come? New revenue in new market sectors… meeting our goal. Stay tuned for more as our project develops.

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