Juice Bars for Electric Cars

On a tour of GM’s Rouge Plant in Detroit last October, I asked our host how drivers of electric vehicles will get their charges, when and where they need them. I was really asking whether or not there were plans afoot for the car maker to get into the service side of the business, too… perhaps in league with utility companies. The prospect of driving an electric car intrigues me, but without an idea of how I will reliably get my car juiced, angst would set in as I ventured far afield.

The host answered that business models were in play that would fill the need, for both home and on-the-go recharging systems. This week’s Fast Company has a concise roundup of the state of things.

Commuters who work at companies that outfit their parking garage with charging stations, and who don’t work in the field will have the least to worry about: Google has become a trial site for a wireless EV charging station strategy at its headquarters in Silicon Valley. That development cycle might leapfrog the expected plug-in interface, planned for home garages and public parking lots.

Speaking of Google… there’s an App for that. They’ve mapped publicly-accessible juice bars for electric cars. Learn more here.

Read more in this article by Ariel Schwartz at FastCompany.com

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