Juarez Convention and Visitors Bureau: Marketing Fort Apache

News from one of the world’s most dangerous cities illustrates the winning and optimistic spirit shown by business leaders in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. While economic revitalization hums along across the bridge in El Paso, Texas — upgraded rail transit corridors, expanded military facilities, well-endowed university research centers, livable and affordable neighborhoods — Juarez remains in Fort Apache mode.

Civic boosters break ground this month on a convention center and baseball stadium “macroplaza” in the heart of the city, to forestall the creeping influence of nightlife-oriented businesses. The ballpark will house Los Indios, Juarez’ pro team.

Give high marks to this convis bureau, who’s taking back the vital core of what will again become a livable, safe, and enjoyable destination. They anticipate the return of a wholly productive and progressive bi-national metroplex, benefiting local citizens and myriad international business people who live and trade every day in El Paso-Juarez.

Credit El Paso-Juarez Now March 2011 issue.

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