“Blue Ocean Strategy” Passes Page 69 Test

Next up in my Page 69 test, another valued part of Hanson Marketing’s library: Blue Ocean Strategy.

Our client, a software developer who’s seeking expansion into new markets, can win coveted word-of-mouth success in part by applying its solutions to common pressure points found in emerging sector leaders, in this case CIOs.

Marshall McLuhan said to turn to page 69 of a book and, if you like it, read the rest. Let’s see what Blue Ocean Strategy Page 69 has to say about it:

“What is the context in which your product or service is used? … Can you identify the pain points? How can you eliminate them through a complementary product or service offering?”

“Borders and Barnes & Noble … redefined the scope of the services they offer… transforming the product they sell from the book itself to the pleasure of reading and intellectual exploration…”

So there you have it – responding to pressure points for decision makers and their customers with solutions that appeal not only to functional, but to emotional needs. A company such as our client can convey its expertise to win the word of mouth endorsements it needs to vault into a position of influence to shape policies, define best practices, and write technology standards.

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