New Zealand Quake

Today, let’s pause and think about the citizens of New Zealand, contending with an earthquake that’s claimed far too many lives from among a small population.

New Zealand is the truest form of a US ally, every day and in every way. It’s home to many of our friends, colleagues and relatives. It’s the dream vacation spot for me.

Be alert to ways in which you can help out. Your business partners there are in need of all kinds of support — be it on-the-ground or virtual helping hands, supplies, or even lenience in delivery and payment terms. Reach out in any way you can.

Pay heed to their every day challenges, even after the last news headline fades.

One thought on “New Zealand Quake

  1. Thanks for the good thoughts Tom. This has been an experience. I can’t think of another way to describe it.The after shocks keep us on a razors edge. Today we were evacuated as a precaution against falling rock from the crater rim above us. Luckily, we were able to come back later this afternoon. It is all certainly putting things in perspective. One of those things is the extensive international support we’ve received. I can only wonder if Haitians had similar support. In any case, Kiwis are an amazingly resilient race. My Lyttelton neighbors are sure to resurrect the village from the rubble.

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