Is Bartering Right for Your Business?

This time-tested form of trading, aka reciprocal trade, is more nimble than ever, thanks to Web-based solutions. These trading sites enabling the connection between parties, and management of transaction credits on a broader scale than ever.

"I say, let's swap!"

Income tax rules apply; both parties must report the fair market value of goods and services exchanged. (IRS Form 1099-B, Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions. Barter exchange companies’ fees cover things like sending out IRS paperwork. Read a concise explanation at International Reciprocal Trade Association’s info site.

I see special value in the bartering model for community- and locally-based service companies and manufacturers. A friend of mine owns a marketing services company, and has relied upon bartering to build out his new work space. He’s also exchanged services for advertising for non-profits, too.

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