TechAmerica San Diego’s 2011 Trends and Forecasts

Hanson Marketing co-hosted the kickoff session for TechAmerica San Diego’s Marketing and Sales Roundtable this week. Participants got to witness the San Diego debut of TechAmerica Foundation’s CyberCities Report, and were treated to an informative market trend report, courtesy of UPS.

Paul Weddle, Director of High-Tech Sector Enterprise Sales for UPS, was guest speaker. Kevin Carroll, Regional Director for TechAmerica presented the CyberCities Report, a concise summary of research into tech sector growth around the nation, in terms of jobs, salaries, and new business activity.

Takeaways from Paul’s talk:
China’s economic growth plan includes strong incentives to move ODM operations to its growing inland metropolises… feeds the nation’s employment engine, and seeds regional economic development. I’d also watch how China builds up its aviation and rail infrastructure, to enable and accommodate this distribution of the nation’s manufacturing sector wealth.

E-waste laws in the US now exist in 23 states, signalling mandatory recycling fees upon purchase of goods, but also a sign of growth for a new service sector: outsourced recycling operations.

SaaS solutions are driving corporate IT spending levels back to pre-2010 levels; 70% of CIOs polled expect to adopt some form of Cloud Computing solutions. That’s great news for providers of professional services and consulting. Again, outsourcing potential.

Logistics = opportunity for innovation. As a customer service differentiator, a driver for cost savings and improved efficiency, and as a competitive advantage. A topic near and dear to UPS’s heart… in fact, their new tagline says “we (heart) logistics”.

The event is the first of six which will be hosted by the Marketing and Sales Roundtable, with topics ranging from “Cold Calls No More…” to “Power Up Mobile Marketing” to “Sales on Steroids”. They’re great events for brushing up on skills and exchanging bright ideas with other, area tech pros.

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