Successful Export of Agricultural Products in 2011

Hanson Marketing has made great use of several tried and true, publicly-run business development agency programs when establishing selling channels worldwide. Among them is the Foreign Agricultural Service at the US Department of Agriculture. In 2010, we took part in a novel program in Brazil, on behalf of our client who makes gourmet sea salt in Hawaii. The Sao Paulo office of USDA connected us, at no charge, with a pre-qualified short list of prospective wholesale channel partners. The process was soup-to-nuts: all we did was ship a set of samples and literature to their US address (how easy!) and they took it from there. Though sales have not yet materialized, must say it was a smoothly run operation, and a great example of how a public agency thinks and responds like a private company. Total cost to participate? Zero.

In 2011, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is leading the way for exporters of US-grown agriculture products to meet new channel partners and customers at a series of valuable selling events. Also, check out this national trade association of state agriculture commissions here.

Scan this one-pager listing key shows for 2011. Choose a market, then go!


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