Retailer Plays Wholesaler in Caribbean

Recently, Hanson Marketing learned about international expansion activity by Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, who sells directly to customers in Caribbean nations. Lowe’s directs buyers to its eight southern Florida retail locations to do the shopping (online) and quotes retail prices to commercial accounts as well as to individual shoppers. While prices are quoted at retail, it seems that the retailer’s variety, quality and price ranges make it attractive even to commercial buyers.

To date, neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot have any physical presence in the Caribbean, as volume and purchasing power don’t justify store placement. So, Lowe’s global retail-wholesale solution seems like the next best thing, and probably sets them up as authorized supplier for procurement by regional government and NGO/non-profits, too.

Interesting move to capture sales in a fast-growing, still-developing part of the Western Hemisphere.

Meanwhile, we see growth in the Caribbean for club warehouse retailers such as PriceSmart, offering finished goods and perishable food items to same customers.

Read up on the Lowe’s activity in the Caribbean here. And click here to see their trade-focused advertising: SKMBT_C45010123014400

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