Hey, Sales Channel Pros! What are your Plans for 2011?

If you’re leading sales channels, what are your plans for 2011? Have you got a pulse on product trends and emerging markets? Whether you sell software, hardware, consumer packaged goods or personal electronics, have you heard what your industry’s influencers are saying about your competition vs you?

A successful 2011 channel strategy mix needs to focus on four main elements. Use this 4-step diagnostic to make sure you start the new year with your A game in place:

Revenue-Friendly Product Management: Are launch plans from your road-map on task, on time, on target?
Integrated Public Relations: Are your PR agency’s marching orders in place to sway influencers and accelerate product launches?
Relevant Marketing Communications: Are partner-friendly resources rolling into your channels? Will your compensation and affiliate programs maintain and grow mind share for your products?
ROI-Savvy Global Event Strategies: Don’t forget to show up at the right parties… gain face time at A-list events in each key region worldwide. Put your company’s leadership on the plane to shake hands and close deals in person.

Global markets are opening up — check out new opportunities in South Korea in agriculture, financial services and capital equipment for specialized manufacturing. Public infrastructure spending in many US states signals new business closer to home, too.

With the right plan and your usual hard work, you’ll gain the upper hand against competitors through channel revenue growth.

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