Pork Butt: Iowa Scores Another Global Export Win

The Des Moines Register reports that the US Meat Export Federation has short-listed pork butt as the next, best candidate for US meat exports. Target markets for this Iowa product range from NAFTA to near-Asia.

Referred to in polite company as Boston Shoulder Roast, pork butt is all the rage in the states, under the guise of pulled pork; though is mostly seasonal. The great state of Iowa, largest producer of pork butt, missed out on a branding opportunity, I’m afraid. What’s wrong with calling this powerhouse new export product “Iowa Pork Roast”? Boston’s got plenty of brand cache already – beans, pie, chowdah – and I don’t recall seeing swine grazing on The Commons recently…

While we’re at it, let’s raise a toast to the US pork industry, who’s exporting about 25% of total output. Their numbers are up over 2009, and they’ve only just begun. Expect an educational campaign targeting retailers, consumers, and purveyors in hospitality and food service on how good and versatile pork butt really is.

Shake that Moneymaker!

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