Boomers Seek Lifestyle-enhancing Products; Retail Channels Respond

A recent study produced by AARP and Microsoft shows how manufacturers need to tailor product development and channel sales strategies with the boomer consumer in mind. If your product exists to help users sustain health and maintain a mobile, active lifestyle, then consider how the baby boomer consumer sector is influencing product development. And don’t forget to carefully map out a boomer-friendly retail channel strategy.

Technology is a big part of boomer leisure and creative pastimes, as well as fitness pursuits. From in-home fitness systems that improve stamina and balance, to mentally challenging video games, boomers and their “older” senior citizen parents have staked a claim to a large slice of consumer products that help with fun and healthy living.

Retailers such as BestBuy are lining up alongside the stalwarts like Sears to claim loyalty in this growing “active senior” demographic. The buying experience is more comfortable, the product mix is more appealing. Manufacturers need to gather where makers of other, like products are being sold.

Major drug chains such as CVS and Walgreens sell a broad extension of healthcare products at their online stores — products that otherwise would not fit in their store layouts — while entering services such as limited health care and remote monitoring of prescriptions.

Whether proactively managing health, or preventing or forestalling the onset of disease, boomers are getting the jump-start on enabling technology in their daily lives. Where they shop and how they choose their products is key to a sustainable product roadmap and channel strategy for today’s consumer goods manufacturers.

One thought on “Boomers Seek Lifestyle-enhancing Products; Retail Channels Respond

  1. Good post. The Boomers are our largest consumer population, and they are intent on maintaining youth and health. Smart retailers will understand that and offer deals to these potential buyers.

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