Detroit: Motown and Muscle Cars

Today, attendees at the National District Export Council Conference in downtown Detroit were treated to a stellar lineup of presentations and keynotes, after a kickoff reception featuring a Motown Hits cover band that clearly loves the music… I think they would have sung to an empty room and still not let up! And, if that weren’t inspiring enough, we were hosted by Ford Motors for a tour at their historic and awe-inspiring Rouge Plant. It’s hard to do justice to the place in mere words.

Rouge Plant: Growing Roof Going Green, F150s ready to roll

The auto plant’s creation 90-odd years ago on the banks of the River Rouge, and its operations and generational changes since then have coursed through the veins of the US industrial world, affecting us all at home and on the job every day. 10 million Model As, followed by T-Birds, Mustangs, and now brawny F-150s are rolling off the lines. Muscle cars, all.

To cap the evening off, we were hosted by the Ford Museum, home to the best collection of transportation and mobile and modern living icons I’ve ever seen.

AirStream Yurt? Flying Saucer Diner?

And, here I learned that even Bucky Fuller had to work out the kinks before inventing the Geodesic Dome (see Dymaxion House…)

Dearborn, Michigan is home to these tributes of American Innovation, and make the city a destination spot for vacationers and history buffs alike. And, inspiration for global business crowds.

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