Channel Sales and Marketing for Fine Arts Products

I’m part of a family venture called Via Lucis Press, and owing to my specialty in global channels I get to form our channel sales and integrated marketing plan. I find that the market for fine arts products is comprised of a delightful mix of consumer- and trade-focused buying groups, and some unconventional but spot-on selling partners. I’m looking into the buying habits and trends for collectors, artists, and publishers; it’s an illuminating look at how and where they shop, and how they’ll use our company’s artistic photography products.

Via Lucis: Way of Light

Via Lucis’ channel plan differs from those of more mainstream, consumer packaged goods and accessories in two ways:

First, museums and societies are the power retailers. Masters of affinity-based marketing, these organizations are often non-profit, though sell high-end collectible products and catalog merchandise online to loyal and discriminating consumers. In this setting, a publisher of fine art finds not only venues for exhibition, but outlets for commercial activity. Via Lucis not only exhibits our artwork in such settings, but also engages with these organizations in targeted, global channel sales activities. Themed travel and education outreach naturally follow, which branch into several more intriguing market sectors. In the case of Via Lucis, we also appeal to religious and sacred spaces pilgrims and collectors.

Second, the business/trade and consumer sectors balance one another in influence and market potential, yet the means and methods of serving them are exclusive. For instance, art directors for books, magazines or public exhibit spaces rely upon an instant, online forum for purchasing Via Lucis photography under strictly defined, fee-based, single-use licensing transactions. This protects our copyrights, and ensures competitive pricing and flexibility for these trade customers. Meanwhile, we reach collectors of Via Lucis artwork in the greater consumer world in a more recognizable online store, offering added-value products like custom framing and matting, and delivery options. The good news? Experts in website functionality have preceded us, building commerce tools that fit both of Via Lucis’ channel models.

Via Lucis: Way of Light.
Via Lucis Press is a venture formed to share a one-of-a-kind collection of over 2,000 images (and counting) with the arts, graphic design, and publishing trades; and by aficionados and collectors of the art form. Artistic photography, shot entirely on location, highlights the many Romanesque and Gothic churches in France and Spain.

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