What’s a TV, Anyway?

TV viewers now dictate when and what to watch, and where. There’s a sublime feeling of freedom when you select from a list of pre-recorded favorites, when you want.

Comcast just surveyed 1,000 watchers, and learned that 62% now Time-Shift programming to suit themselves.

If I sold advertising for a living, rather than let my head explode at the thought of “Fast Forward” fever, I’d take a closer look at how to capitalize on DVR technology to place ads with more laser precision than ever.

Scheduling and placement of ads can still be dictated by when the show is actually accessed and viewed, not on its first on-air date. Late night viewing on the family room big screen by tired parents, post-beddy bye time? Or pre-work viewing on mobile devices by 20-something commuters?

If you were an advertiser, wouldn’t you want to cozy up next to the viewer and whisper just the right thing, at the right time?

Read more at the Boston Globe.

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