U.S., Mexico CEOs Partner to Fix Border, Build Business

A new development in US-Mexico trade has caught my eye, because it’s driven by and for C-level business owners, through the US Chamber of Commerce. And it’s likely to build bridges of trade between the two nations that will overcome many of the short-term obstacles to success — immigration, transport, and security problems — in ways that no federal mandate could do.

The goal of Leadership Initiative Vision 2020 is “to make our border work; make both countries more competitive in global markets; promote the continent’s energy independence while respecting our shared environment; raise living standards for our citizens; and enhance inter-governmental cooperation; all within a framework that fully respects and supports national sovereignty and interests.”

Tall order. But when CEOs of growing global companies are all seated at the same table and you serve up some legit, profitable deals, those deals will be carved up and invoiced before dessert. I give high marks to our chambers and officials for turning this program loose. While you do see mention of “high level dialog” taking place, potentially sucking time and effort away from the work world; you also see mention of “working groups” that will shift the Chamber’s plan “from policy aspiration to reality”. The chamber and its members are focused on clearing paths to sustainable business relationships, through hard work, so my sense is the “working groups” will prevail!

Read more about the US Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to build relevant, sustainable trade revenue between the US and Mexico at their website.

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