Ignite Exports Seminar Wrap-Up

Last Thursday, I presented a series of market-building presentations to current and prospective exporters, during World Trade Center San Diego’s Ignite Exports Seminar. The many and diverse projects that Hanson Marketing has completed for clients in both consumer and b-2-b sectors provided plenty of relevant, timely case studies on which to base my presentation.

Opening speakers set a tone of both urgency and opportunity for US exporters by introducing our National Export Initiative and by spotlighting global issues such as tariffs and embargoes, trade with China, and export control regulations. My co-presenters and I started out the all-day learning session with real-world examples of how we guide our clients in developing strategic, export-driven revenue flow (Hanson Marketing’s Pre-Flight Checklist came in handy). By first conducting detailed, inclusive exercises, studies and analysis; and following up with identifying and assessing new markets, export companies lay a smooth path toward productive global markets.

Next, we delved into Intellectual Property and Licensing structures and how to form and lead best-in-class channel partnerships (our tried-and-true Channel Matrix was the basis for this discussion), wherein I gave a crash course on solutions-based and consultative selling techniques. A colleague from Ex-Im Bank led the audience through a great overview of how their programs create competitive advantage.

Afternoon sessions covered how to master complex issues such as managing channel performance and how to ensure that company departments all collaborate toward successful exports. The audience learned about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and how to guard against infractions and violations when exporting “dual use” (i.e., military and civilian) goods. The path toward earning new, export revenue is made smoother through plenty of financial, educational and regulatory resources.

Early feedback indicates that attendees at this Ignite Exports event came out better prepared and more informed. We look forward to advising some of these companies in the near future!

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