The Great Pacific Rim Business Machine

The Pacific Rim’s confluence of commerce sits where the Southwest US meets northern Mexico. From San Diego-Tijuana to El Paso-Juarez, Pacific Rim companies gather to design and test prototypes; supply professional services; sell materials and manufacturing systems; build and assemble products; and ship goods by air, road and rail.

Every day, the people running this great machine navigate a mash-up of Asian, Latino and Anglo-European work styles and cultural norms. Are you lucky enough to be one of them? It’s a wondrous machine, one that works. And, considering the makeup of people who have built up Hong Kong and San Francisco into world capitols of commerce, that mash-up has proven to be the essence of the Pacific Rim economy.

Two dynamic organizations equip international business people to succeed in cross-cultural business. I recommend two events from their calendars that, while different in scope and intent, both serve to round out an international trade toolkit.

Cross Cultural Business Communication. Get to know the World Trade Center San Diego, to see the depth and diversity of their resources; then jump to this event page to register. WTCSD’s pedigree among the San Diego region’s international trade sector is unsurpassed, and sharing their knowledge about cross-cultural business communication is but a sample of how they work to put area companies on the map.

By the way, I’ve had some Maalox moments in cross-cultural business communication. In Tokyo, I royally botched the “bow or handshake” greeting protocol while paying a visit to an industry titan. In those fateful 3 seconds, I also dropped his business card. His look of pure disdain still lingers in my head. Gain the upper hand as a well-informed, culturally-aware business person — you can never be too informed or too prepared.

Building Manufacturing and Logistics Partnerships. If offshore manufacturing is part of your strategy for success — whether as a manufacturer or as a supplier thereof — rely upon the U.S. Commercial Service to teach you the right way to conduct business in northern Mexico. The Tijuana office invites you to attend this FREE BajaMak July 7 webinar, and they endorse the upcoming BajaMak show in Tijuana, which promises to be an influential and productive event. Don’t forget that a large percentage of companies who already build their products in northern Mexico are from Southeast Asia and the U.S., among them Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Daewoo, Hitachi, Hyundai, Honeywell, JVC. They need your expertise and your services.

Make this great Pacific Rim machine of ours start to work for you and your company, by polishing your communication skills and connecting with resourceful partners.

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