International Business Pre-Flight Checklist: Summary

Is your company ready for takeoff?

The best checklists are short and sweet, but thorough.

1. Get Executive Thumbs-Up.
Do you have clearance from the tower for takeoff? Your company’s success in international business relies upon complete, enthusiastic support by its leaders.
2. Analyze Market Horizons.
Do you have a flight plan? An in-depth market analysis reveals whether you can win a hefty enough slice of the pie to warrant the formation of an international business plan.
3. Prove Demand.
Is the destination worth the time and resources? There has to be tangible, measurable demand for your products and services in international markets, which signals long-term revenue growth.
4. Allocate Resources.
Can you afford the trip? Budget accordingly across all departments to cover the special skills and resources that are needed when dealing globally.
5. Select Team.
Who will be part of your trusted crew? Build up a trustworthy and reputable group of strategic partners, employees, alliances, vertical channel setup, key customers, spokesmen, and analysts.

Don’t forget to filter any new product ideas, or enhancements to current lines, through this vital checklist. Each item relies upon the others … if fuel tanks are full, but the landing gear is stuck, there will be no happy landing!

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